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A brief description of our organization & purpose.
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Our Mission

To create systemic change that leads to a more equitable society by uplifting the voices of directly impacted Black people that allows us to build politically educated grassroots community political power


Budgets are a moral compass, and we believe local governmental budgets should reflect the people and not corporations.

  • Developing a participatory budgeting process with community
  • Budget transparency
  • Community reinvestment

We believe that housing is a human right, and everyone deserves to have an affordable, clean and safe place to call home.

  • Tenant Unions
  • Right to counsel for evictions
  • Affordable housing
  • Developing tenants association 
  • Pushing the cliff affect
  • Housing for Formerly incarcerated families

Divestment in carceral punishment and investment in people and communities.

  • Community reinvestment 
  • Police Accountability
  • Bail/Jail reform
  • Local prisoner access to the ballot box


The Freedom Roc Team 

Dee McCall

Dee McCall

Lead Community Organizer

Dee McCall is the Lead Community Organizer for housing and criminal justice reform for The Freedom BLOC.

Dee is leading the Housing is Right Coalition in Akron, Ohio, and is building tenant unions across the apartment complexes and neighborhoods in Akron.

Dee has developed a Women’s ReEntry Program functioning out of the Front Porch for the last 4 years that’s intentionally created for women and by women that were directly impacted.

Dee is a graduate of The University of Akron with a Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies with a focus on History, Sociology, and Leadership.

Dee has also served in the Ohio National Guard for 11 years and deployed to Kuwait and Bahrain in 2011-12.

Ali Coker

Ali Coker

Reinvestment Organizer

 Ali Coker is born and raised in Akron. he is an artist, a self-taught producer, and a certified audio engineer. Through working with other artists, as well as creating my own works, Ali has found that cannabis is helpful to the creative energy, and it helps anxious artists to perform without overthinking and without feeling pressured.
Ali is doing this work because he believes this medicinal and spiritual herb should NOT be capitalized off of at the expense of users’ freedom, nor should it be only made profitable to people who were not targeted by the “War on Drugs” and the faulty cannabis possession laws. Legalized cannabis should be equitable and open for anybody to profit from. The revenue collected in taxes would allow us to truly reinvest in our communities and in our people.

Mikia Minter

Mikia Minter

Housing Organizer


Edmikia Minter was Born and raised in Akron, Ohio proud mother of two beautiful children name Te’Yara and Julius. she is the football mom for the East Dragons PeeWee Football Team. she is currently live in low-income housing in Akron, Ohio.

she is the housing Organizer at The Freedom ROC/BLOC where sheb advocate for and support families in need of equitable housing. The President of the Ericsson Tenant Union in Akron Ohio in which she teaches tenants their rights as renters. Mikia’s currently working with other advocates in different cities and states to find solutions that assure tenants are not at risk of eviction due to retaliation non-payment of rent due to uninhabitable housing inhumane treatment towards tenants. I’m also working with the city council and HUD members to hold Landlords accountable for their actions concerning tenants. working to attain my GED where afterward,  she  will be enrolling
at Akron University to study criminal justice to be a criminal defense attorney for the sake of clients being wrongfully accused and overly punished for crimes that don’t fit the nature of the crime everyone deserves a fair trial and equitable judgment. 

A 501(c)(3) Orgranization

848 W Exchange ST
Akron, OH 44302

“I for one believe that if you give people a thorough understanding of what confronts them and the basic causes that produce it, they’ll create their own program, and when the people create a program, you get action.”

— Malcolm X